Thursday, 21 June 2012

Whether you feel like it or not

Hello my dear elegant women , I hope everything is great with you all. 
Today I want to share with you a very strong message . On Wednesday, I've attended  my Youth group meeting , which is called " Real Talk " . This meeting has been  helping me  in so many ways  until today . Every time I attend I learn something new .  The Real Talk meeting is such a blessing. (If any of you are interested email me for further information .) Anyways, let me go straight to the point . What I want to share with you is a topic that many people know but unfortunately they hardly practice in their everyday life . 
"Whether you feel like it or not !" (is the quote)

Many people don't feel like getting up in the morning to go to work, school, college, university etc, but some still get up and go to work because they know that it will benefit in their future , but others stay in bed complaining , constantly cancelling their alarms , or even ring their work place lying that they are sick and so forth. These kind of people live life  according to their feelings. They don't use their own mind to think: "wait, hold on! If I stay here in bed just because I feel like it , I am not going to receive my salary which, I won't be able to pay my bills and live my life". They don't see the importance of using their intelligence and taking positive actions .

Many  women have the feeling of staying in bed and not getting up to clean their houses ,to look after their selves etc, but there are those whom know that if they don't clean their house it  will be a mess which is not a nice thing, therefore they get up and clean until everything is tidy and organised , whether they feel like doing it or not they know that they must do it.

Many people don't feel like studying for their exams for a better education, many don't feel like making an effort for their job or taking a risk for their business. That's when you see ,who truly is a fighter,overcomer , true conqueror ... A lot of  people lack success in their business, lose jobs, get bad grades,waste opportunities have bad reputation, have a bad marriage, and the list goes on .
But those who act upon their intelligence they go over their own  desires and make a sacrifice , they believe that the effort that they are  making  today will be worth it tomorrow, so they take risks, they take challenges and they are ready to face whatever it comes. They are not the type  of people who wait to be "touched ", or to see their failure first in order to succeed, or to see others moving on with their lives in order to also move on.


So , my dear friends which type of people are you? Those how act according to their feelings and live constantly complaining, lazy, dis-motivated ? Or Are you like those who overcome their own desires and act according to their intelligence. Those whom  use their minds and not their heart! Even though they don't feel like it , they still do it without thinking twice,they discipline theirselves to be the best . Those who are willing to  wait for the right husband/wife in order to be happy married even if they don't feel it  ?
 Ask yourselves, be honest because you are only deceiving yourself.

If you are those who complain , you have recognized that you have been acting according to your feelings but you want to change the way you act?! Then , start by making sacrifices, it's hard but the honor will be bigger. So, from today start to act according to your intelligence, think before you act and you will see great results. ( Don't forget to let me know ^^ )

Here is a video which will also inspire you to keep
going.Take a look:

This message were very strong and powerful to me , and I am doing my part already ! What  about you ? Are you still going to act according to your feelings?Are you still going to live by what you feel? 

I hope this message were very helpful to you all.

Love and kisses,

Jessica Sebastiao